Bookcase Types

Bookcase Types

The right style of bookshelf or shelving unit is important when optimising the look and practicality of the space in your living room, hallway, kitchen or office.

The first thing you have to decide, is what is it that you're wanting to display? What level of storage is required? 

Here are just some of the main styles:


A standard bookcase has a traditional look and is typically rectangular in shape, with horizontal shelves, and closed back and sides of the unit. Some may have additional drawers and cupboards.


Leaning bookshelves will lean against a wall giving the look of a bookcase ladder. These give a contemporary look mixed with a traditional design.


Ladder bookcases have a grand presence and also are a traditional style of bookcase, perfect for a home library of a vast range of books. Ladder bookcase can also be another name for a leaning bookcase.


A cube bookcase has an array of equal square storage shelf segments and can come in the form of modern or traditional styles.


Metal bookcases and shelving units consist of a metal frame and can have a range of styles of shelf including wooden, glass or also metal. These styles have a more modern and industrial look. These offer a more minimalistic design to offer more personalisation.


Glass bookcases give off a more luxurious, glamorous feel with their glass shelves and come in many shapes and styles. These tend to mix perfectly with highly reflective metal frames to open up your space and provide plenty of light refraction.

High Gloss

These bookcases can be in many shapes and forms, but have a smooth, reflective high gloss finish, whether this be vaneer wood, plastic or metal. This gives a very modern feel.

You can find all of the above bookcases and shelving units across our site.

Once you've chosen the right style and material of bookcase for your space, it's important how you dress it!